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Bali Spa is a beauty and health centre that uses water as the basic ingredient and source of energy, offering rejuvenation of both body and soul. A spa can be pampering, rejuvenating, nurturing, caring, and calming. It also can be so relaxing, both physically and more importantly, spiritually. A spa can help you improve fitness, detoxify, commune with nature, and learn about nutrition. At a spa, you can regain your inner balance and manage stress, enhance feelings of tranquility, well being and heal.
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Spa Package One 2 Hour
-  Traditional  Massage
-  Manicure Coloring
-  Pedicure Coloring
Price : IRD 250.000 (USD 28.00)

Spa Package Three 2 Hour
-  Traditional  Massage
-  Balinese Boreh
-  Flower Bath
Price : IRD 220.000 (USD 24.00)

Spa Package Five 2 Hour
-  Aroma Therapy Massage
-  Facia
-  Pedicure
Price : IRD 270.000 (USD 30.00)

Spat Package Two 2 Hour
-  Aroma Therapy Massage
-  Body Scrub
-  Flower Bath
Price : IRD 220.000 (USD 24.00)

Spa Package Four 2 Hour
-  Traditional  Massage
-  Body Scrub
-  Milk Bath
-  Facial
-  Flower Bath
Price : IRD 280.000 (USD 32.00)

Manucure and Pediucre
-  Manicure  IRD.85.000 (USD 10.00)
-  Pedicure   IRD.95.000 (USD 11.00)

Traditional Massage 1 Hour

Our Tradtional massage are combined or Balinewse technique, Javanese, Shiatsu and Chinese foot reflexology to lealve your feeling entirely rejuvenated.
Price : IRD 110.000 (USD 13.00)

Shiatsu Massage 1 Hour
Massage working wiht yoga streches and strong massage to reliave stress tension, omitting stiff muscle and tired.
Price : IRD 110.000 (USD 13.00)

Foot Massage 1 Hour
Foot reflexology massage is excellent way to invigorate tired feet and salutbrious.
Price : IRD 110.000 (USD 13.00)

Aroma Therapy Massage 1 Hour
From natural flower aromas and essential oils is excellent to aching muscle, stimulates blood circulation, refreshing and relaxing in the body.
Price : IRD 120.000 (USD 14.00)

Tension Relief 1 Hour
Our therapist are trained to omitting tired, reliave tension, stress and to restore power.
Price : IRD 110.000 (USD 13.00)

Lulur scrub 1 Hour
Lulur scrub from natural herbs spice is inolves : mace, clove, roots, and rice to cleaning skin. Eliminate microbe to the body.
Price : IRD 120000 (USD 14.00)

Traditional Cream Bath 1 Hour
Hair massage technique involves : melon, avocado, aloe vera, special for type hair to stop dandruff, prevent, hair loss, help to improve blood circulation very dry hair, molsturizer, giveshines refreshing and relaxing.
Price : IRD 110.000 (USD 13.00)

Balinese Boreh 1 Hour
Balinese boreh from natural ingredients in involves : black pepper, ginger, ginger root, nutmeg, clove, mace to warn your body, stimulate bloody cyrculation, aching muscle, omitting toxin and rachitis.
Price : IRD 130.000 (USD 15.00)

Traditional Facial 1 Hour
Sari ayu facial massage using ecence of rose, ylang-ylang, extract apple, avocado and lemon to cleaning sking of the race
Price : IRD 100.000 (USD 12.00)

Sea Salt Scrub 1 Hour
Scrubbing with sea salt to omitting stiff muscle, tired, foot smell, and prevent infection skin
Price : IRD 120.000 (USD 14.00)

We Will Come To Your Villa or Hotel To Service You


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