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Lovina is the name a shore in Kalibukbuk town, 12 km to the west of Singaraja. Lovina is truly a string of beachfront towns to the west of Singaraja. Escape from the rushing about of Kuta to Lovina Beach spotted in north Bali, something like 100 kilometers from southern vacationer hotspots. It is well known as a magnificent site for nightfall viewing, snorkeling, and plunging and popular for its initial morning dolphin-viewing vessel outings. We can see the dolphin attractions in this spot like bouncing. It is not neglect to draw if the vacationer has sufficient energy to see the nightfall here. Lovina territory is additionally underpinned by the amount of tourism interest which is could be arrived at from this area. Hazily lovely, Lovina offers peaceful and smooth, and is mainstream Asian sightseers and those staying away from the hurrying around of the southern sunny shores.

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Villa Lovina 1236

Villa Lovina 1236

Kumala is an ancient Javanese mythical word meaning a “beautiful shining stone” sent to earth from the stars. When the skies are clear and the nights are cool you might be fortunate enough to see one of these shining stones, while laying outside under the stars gazing the night away. The rooms of Kumala Beach Villa breathe an inspired theme o

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