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Top Five Places in Bali to Visit with Kids

Lets find Top Five Places in Bali to Visit with Kids. Modern parents surely will have so many things to do in their daily life. The family can be the biggest concern for them but there are also other things including career and social relationship which should be kept properly. It means that modern parents will have very busy daily routine.
   01 November 2015, 19:24:25
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They even have limited time which can be spent with their family member especially the kids. The kids really need attention from their parents so they can grow properly. If parents cannot spend too much time with their children in the daily life, at least they can plan for holiday vacation with the kids. Bringing kids to holiday vacation can be challenging and it can be very complicated. Nevertheless, parents do not have to worry if they choose Bali because it is beautiful tourism destination which is friendly to the children. There are so many attractions which can be enjoyed by family with kids.

People can choose Bali for their family holiday vacation and there are top five places in Bali which should be visited with the kids. The kids will really have fun but parents do not have to worry about the children safety. The first place which is great for children is Kuta. Kuta becomes center of tourism in Bali so it is quite crowded with hotel, shopping mall, restaurant, and shop. However, Kuta beach is perfect option which will provides various attractions especially for the older kids. They can play sand, swim, fly kites, as well as surf. Next place which people should go with the kids in Bali is Jimbaran. Kuta is pretty crowded so if people want to get more relaxing place, Jimbaran must be perfect option. There are many restaurants and shops in this area. It is great that they can enjoy fresh seafood for dinner meanwhile the kids are playing sands, digging clams, flying kites, as well as visiting early morning fish market. It is fun but parents should bring along toys since they cannot expect more attraction.

Beach becomes favorite place to go in Bali but if people want to experience thicker cultural atmosphere in Bali, they should go to Ubud. Children will love the outdoor activity in this area including cycling to enjoy the beautiful view in Bali. Since it has cooler temperature than the beaches, parents can choose villa for place to stay in Bali. People can enjoy great view, great service, as well as cultural performance. The kids will love monkey forest sanctuary and elephant safari park in Ubud. The kids will love Sanur beach which is less crowded. Sanur beach is safer for the children and they will have fun with the water, beach, and of course clam. Lovina beach should not be missed because the kids will learn about dolphins in the wild life. Snorkeling can also be done in this area.

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